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You find all our goodies below. From Sauerkraut - the way my mom taught me- to no sugar added jam and jelly.

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Lucky Bee Homestead is a small farm in Murray Harbour North. 

Sabine & Michael Schoenknecht bought their little piece of heaven in early spring 2013 when they came to the island.  

We both grew up in families where the tradition was to grow and preserve the food for winter. They were making jams, pickles, Sauerkraut and canned all vegetables coming from their own garden. There is nothing better than to open a glass of jam or veggies in the middle of winter - bringing the summer back into the house. 

While missing the food from Germany, our home country, we started to make jam and to bake our own bread. Making more and more of our own foods, the idea started to sell these delicious foods so everybody else gets to enjoy it too.  Cooking was always a big part in my (Sabine) live as I worked in many different areas in restaurants and hotels and have a degree as a hotel & restaurant business economist. Michael joined my passion and is now the creative part of our little enterprise.

We are both animals lovers and when we bought the property, there was no question that we would have as many animals as possible. After rescuing  a cat, a few laying hens arrived on the farm followed by two wonderful sheep (which we tragically lost in 2015) and Kurt the dog - who became best friends with the sheep. The number of laying hens grew in 2014 and me, Sabine, stepped into the shoes of my father who is a retired but passionate beekeeper. 

In 2017 the homestead added a chicken tractor to their inventory. Now, it is possible to raise meat chicken on the most natural way - on pasture.


Our Philosophy

  • We use as many natural or organic ingredients in our products as possible 
  • We treat our animals and our land with respect 
  • Being substainable and green is our top priority 
    • we take bottles and jars back and pay you $0.25 each 
    • we use paper bags 
    • all our products are made with 100% solar energy

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Our Products

Handcrafted Mustard


It's spice, isn't it?

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Fermented Vegetable


What else should we do than Sauerkraut?

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Choose from a selection of handcrafted fruit vinegars or infused vinegars

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No Sugar Added Jam / Jelly


weather you have diabetes or you do the Keto diet. We have the sweets for you. 

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Our bees make sure to produce a wonderful product. That's why we leave it as it is.   

Raw and unfiltered!

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The Homesteads


Whatever you need for your sandwich, your BBQ or to put a little extra to your dinner

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We use only the best ingredients together with a special pectin - for a shorter cooking time and less sugar

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Heritage Poultry


We raise heritage Nova Free Rangers

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Dog Cookies


Yummy treats to roll over for

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Lucky Bee Homestead

5460 Route 17, Murray Harbour North, PE, C0A 1R0

Cell: (902) 326-9017